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12/1/80 - 11/6/00


He saw me coming down the path
He filled me with such love
Felt the warmth within my Heart
In welcome from above

Jesus I'm so glad You're here
To meet at Heaven's Gate
Holding me with all Your Love
My heart is now lightweight

He held me closely to His Heart
My eyes were wet with tears
He said My Child I welcome you
New life for you premieres

Angels brought me to your door
Gentle wings to pass
Beckoned me with softest face
I'm Home with You at last

Father as I kneel to pray
I thank You for this Light
Heaven's glow within my soul
With passing gentle flight

Reached for You and there You were
You finally touched my face
Journey made with special grace
God's Heaven I embrace.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©used with permission
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