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12/1/80 - 11/6/00

A Friend Above

This time of silence has just begun and I'll always remember our time of fun
A friend lost so far away and you left without a word to say
In my memory you shall be, while watching over us all, including me
You didn't know all of the pain that everyone would feel
Now your wound is too late to heal
Why you killed yourself, I don't understand
I didn't know or else I would have gave you my hand
I wish I could bring you back and pull you through the mess
But you thought what you did was for the best.
I would have made you see, what you mean to your family and friends
I guess you weren't thinking as it ends
I don't know what to say or do
I hope you know now that a lot of people loved you
This tragedy will only make us all strong
I wish that you would have felt like you belong

Love always,




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