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I Know Your Pain My Friend

When the trials of life consume you
And your burdens weigh you down
When your heart is very heavy
I know your pains profound

Your hurts are so great that sometimes
There seems no relief in sight
But I want to tell you something
Your pain is seen in my hearts eyes

Your tears flow so freely as the waterfalls
The breaking of your heart seems unceasing
There's a helpless feeling inside you that befalls
I know your pain is devastating

"The wounds of a friend are faithful"
A Friend once said to me
He told me to look to Him as He said,
"I know your pain my friend"

"If you'll place your eyes on Me
and off the circumstance
even just for a moment a day
I will take your pain my friend"

"I'll wrap you in My love; so tender kind and sweet
And nuture your brokeness and heartache
Don't forget I can restore anything
I want your pain my friend"

"I too have known much pain and sorrow
I have been aquainted with many griefs
I've walked your path before you
I Am your only true relief"

"Won't you please come and let Me do
What it is that I do best
Let Me take you under My loving wing
Giving you shelter, peace and rest"

"I'm glad when you give Me all your pains
But you tend to take them back
I reach out My nail pierced healing hands to you
From the stripes that scar my back"

"I shed many tears not just for you
But I shed them with you and by your side
You see I am here awaiting you
To give me all the pains in your life"

"I stand before you this very moment
and I offer you My sweet peace
A little at a time for I know you need to grieve
I understand your pain my friend"

"Please know I am always here with you
As Close as your own heart beat
Always trying to help you see
I know your pain my friend
And I am carrying you."

I Love You


~ Christian ~

"Love has no Limitations and knows no Boundaries;
for True Love is Always Unconditional."

Copyright 1999~2000
Christian's Heart

Do you know what it's like,
To feel the way I do?
wishing there was an easy way out,
Can't sleep the whole night through,
knowing there is no hope for me.
I go to sleep, hoping to die,
but when I wake up,
new morning,
next day,
I can't help but start to cry.
Don't tell me that I'm okay,
my mind has left me hollow.
You can die today,for all I care,
as long as I soon follow.
What is this cold burning inside?
I can't escape it's fate.
It's sad I won't be around too long,
I say it's way too late.
I go on living everyday,
knowing there's nothing to gain,
wishing death would knock on my door,
and take away this pain.

Anne .. Thank you so much for
sharing this with me and for
letting me put this on my page.
God Bless You!

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