God is All Around Us

Would you know the voice of God if He called you?
Would you answer the call?
If he asked you to give your life to him, could you do it?
If he told you it were your time to die, would you go?

Would you know the face of God if you saw it?
Would you feel worthy to look in His eyes,
or would you turn away?
If you looked into His eyes what would you say?

God is all around you.
He made the earth and everything on it.
He is all nothing is more important.
If you can't see God in the faces of people or your
surroundings, you don't know God.

Would you know the hand of God if He touched you?
Would you let it guide you?
Or would you shrug it off?
If you let his hand guide you would
you accept what you've got?

Would you know the son of God if He came to you?
Would you fall to your knees and kiss his feet
or walk past Him?
Which is what many people do every day.

God is all around you.
His hand made the earth and everything on it.
He gave his son to die for our sins.
God is in every person, no matter what religion.
Disrespect one person, you disrespect God.
So remember ...

God is all around you.

1999 by Patrick
found by his mom, Shirley ...
on the morning of his funeral.


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